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Micro System Design and Manufacturing Center



Micro System Design and Manufacturing Center

Manufacturing high value added parts - especially in biomedical, electronics, and defense industries - has become a crucial component of many countries' economies. As a result, the development of micro manufacturing technologies and the manufacturing of precision micro scale parts have attracted significant attention among researchers academia and industry over the past 15 years. Optical lithography based techniques have been used to manufacture micro scale parts for a long time. These techniques are economically feasible when large number of micro scale parts are produced from silicone based materials. However, current demand requires low batch sizes and parts made from engineering materials (metals, polymers, etc). In order to be able to answer this demand, micro machining techniques have been developed in order to machine parts with three dimensional micro features on a wide range of engineering materials either by using mechanical micro machining using cutting tools with defined or undefined cutting edges or by using energy based techniques such as laser micro machining and electro-discharge machining.

Micro System Design and Manufacturing Center employs state of the art manufacturing facilities capable of production and measurement of micro parts. For a list of available equipment and specifications, please click here.


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