Department Seminar by Dr. Savaş Taşoğlu

Magnetic Assembly of Microgels for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Savaş Taşoğlu, Harvard Medical School

Date: Friday, November 09, 2012
Time: 13:30
Place: EA 202

Bottom-up tissue engineering methods aim to generate complex tissue structures by assembling building blocks, such as cell encapsulating microscale hydrogels (i.e., microgels). Recently, assembly of microgels into complex 3D constructs has been performed via emerging noninvasive fields, e.g., acoustics, leveraging biomimetic properties of composite materials through micro and nanoscale technologies. Platforms driven by magnetics have been employed in several applications including direct cellular manipulation, sorting cells, 3D cell culture, local hyperthermia therapy, magnetic levitation of organic liquid droplets and clinical imaging applications. For instance, magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were loaded to cell-encapsulating microscale hydrogels (M-gels) creating composite smart materials responsive to magnetic fields. However, MNPs in Mgels can interact with encapsulated cells affecting their viability and functionality. Although applications of M-gels are interesting, successful release of magnetic nanoparticles from these biomimetic composite materials has to be proven for successful applications such as tissue engineering. Hence, novel approaches are needed to  assemble cell-laden microgels without nanoparticles (MNP-free microgels). Here, we present for the first time assembly of microscale hydrogels exploiting the paramagnetic properties of hydrogels without using magnetic nanoparticles.

About the Speaker:

Savaş Taşoğlu, born in Ankara, Turkey, is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School. He holds a PhD degree from University of California, Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering. He received his B.Sc. in 2006 from Middle East Technical University and M.Sc. in 2008 from Koc University, all in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a research assistant in UC, Berkeley (from 2008 to 2011), and as a teaching and research assistant with full TUBITAK scholarship in Koc University, Turkey (from August 2006 to 2008).

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