The Mechanical Engineering Department offers programs that lead to B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.

The mission of our department is to provide our students with a rich environment for learning by offering them a broad-based education in the scientific and applied foundations of engineering and a solid foundation in problem solving, design and communication skills that they will need to pursue and meet the challenges of their individual career goals.

The ME program provides the students a strong foundation in engineering sciences through thermo-fluids, mechanics and materials and dynamics and control tracks, which emphasize students’ analytical abilities. These are combined with courses on design and manufacturing that address from component to system-level design and emphasize the creativity of students.

The mission of the ME program is to prepare engineers for the global environment in which they can make responsible decisions while serving societal needs. The program emphasizes communication skills, knowledge of humanities, and ability to work in teams. The program also recognizes the significant role mechanical engineering can have in life sciences and thus the need for familiarity with molecular biology. A mandatory physics course that includes quantum mechanics further fosters interdisciplinary interaction beyond traditional boundaries.

The Department envisions future engineers as life-long learners. The ME program offers numerous electives to respond to the different needs and interests of our students along this vision in the leap to 21st century engineering.

For further information, please visit the undergraduate and graduate program pages.

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