Department Seminar by Dr. Kıvılcım Ersoy

Prediction of Wear on Forming Tools

Dr. Kıvılcım Ersoy, TU München

Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Time: 12:40
Place: EA 202

In the recent years, loads on the sheet metal forming tools increased with the advent of high and ultra-high strength steels. On the other hand, market demand favors the use of rapid tooling technologies and thus alternative materials, which are softer than conventional tool steels. These recent trends result in severe wear on sheet metal forming tools and make the wear prediction more and more important. In this study, a wear prediction methodology by means of finite element analysis and deep drawing experiments is developed. In order to achieve a better accuracy, the wear propagation over loading period is modeled not with a constant wear coefficient but with wear coefficients as a function of accumulated wear work.

About the Speaker:

Kıvılcım Ersoy received her B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering in 2002 from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey. She received her M.Sc. in computational mechanics in 2004 and her Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) in mechanical engineering (institute of metal forming and casting) in 2009, both from Technische Universitaet München, Munich, Germany. She worked for General Electric Global Research-Europe and ABB TurboSystems as a research engineer in Germany and Switzerland. During her Ph.D. she worked on several bilateral research projects for DAIMLER AG, BMW AG and ThyssenKrupp AG. Her area of expertise is sheet metal forming and blanking, structural finite element analysis and tribology (esp. wear modeling, prediction and wear reduction).

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