Department Seminar by Prof. Eres Söylemez

A Life Time of Mechanical Engineering

Date: Friday, March 8, 2013
Time: 16:30
Place: Mithat Çoruh Auditorium

This talk will focus on the Mechanical Engineering and its applications in various areas. After briefly discussing the history and development, modern aspects and applications of Mechanical Engineering will be described. Finally, the projects completed by Dr. Söylemez in various fields of industry will be introduced.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Eres SÖYLEMEZ received his B.S. (1969) and M.S. (1970) degrees from Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering. After completing his doctoral work in 1974 at Columbia University (USA) he returned back to METU. He became Associate Professor in 1979 and Professor in 1986 (Gazi University). Dr. Söylemez has been working as a faculty member in METU, Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1989. He served as Head of Department (2001-2003), Manager of TÜBİTAK Defense Industries Research and Development Institute (TÜBİTAK-SAGE) (1989-1995), President of ÖSYM (1995-96). He is married, and has 2 daughters. Dr. Söylemez, currently conducts research and works as an advisor in fields of Theory of Mechanisms and Machine Dynamics. He has a lot of national and international publications on these topics. His book ‘Mechanisms’ has been published both in English and in Turkish; he also has a book on Machinery Dynamics in Turkish. Dr. Söylemez is the founder and chairman of Machine Theory Foundation since 2012.

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