Department Seminar by Dr. Savaş Taşoğlu

Magnetoceptive Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering

Dr. Savaş TAŞOĞLU, Harvard Medical School

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Time: 10:00
Place: EA 409

Magnetically manipulated hydrogels were recently introduced as an emerging, non-contact, versatile and non-invasive approach for tissue engineering and drug delivery. Active magnetic scaffolds were formed by embedding magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) into hydrogels for on-demand drug and cell delivery. Cell encapsulating hydrogels were assembled into complex 3D constructs by means of free radicals (FRs) formed during UV photo-polymerization and also by embedded MNPs. Although release of MNPs from micro-scale hydrogels has been presented, release from larger tissue constructs has not been proven for broader regenerative medicine applications. As a novel method we developed on/off switchable magnetoceptive composite materials without using: (i) FRs that are formed during photo-crosslinking and decay in a short time or (ii) MNPs that are not proven to release from large tissue constructs. We used persistent/stable radicals to paramagnetize and assemble hydrogels. Then, we demagnetize them to show switch on/off capability as well as to increase the viability of cells compared to their non-treated conjugates. We demonstrate the unique capabilities of this strategy in bottom-up tissue engineering, and fabrication of soft systems with heterogeneity in material properties such as Young’s modulus and mass density.

About the Speaker:

SAVAS TASOGLU, born in Ankara, Turkey, is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School. He holds a PhD degree from University of California, Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering (2011). He received his B.Sc. in 2006 from Middle East Technical University and M.Sc. in 2008 from Koc University, all in Mechanical Engineering. His current research interests at Harvard are magnetics, neurotechnologies, microfluidics, cell and tissue mechanics, regenerative medicine, microbicides, cryopreservation, and cell-based diagnostics for point-of-care. Dr Tasoglu’s achievements in research and teaching have been recognized with numerous fellowships and awards including Chang-Lin Tien Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering, Allen D. Wilson Memorial Scholarship, and UC Berkeley Institute Fellowship for Preparing Future Faculty. Dr Tasoglu’s three articles with first authorship featured the cover of prestigious journals such as Advanced Materials, Trends in Biotechnology, and Physics of Fluids.

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