The undergraduate program starts with introductory courses to mechanical engineering and systems engineering to familiarize students with the fundamentals aspects of mechanical engineering and design and manufacturing processes and the importance of computer skills in engineering. In the second year of the program, in depth studies of the mechanical engineering topics are studied in an integrated manner. Thermodynamics is integrated with fluid mechanics and heat transfer, mechanics and materials are studied in an integrated manner, This approach carries to the junior year where dynamics is studied together with controls topics. In each year of study, students experience design and manufacturing through courses or projects, which expose them to hands-on as well as computer-aided design and manufacturing.

The Mission of the Department

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program at Bilkent University is to provide students with a rich environment for learning and intellectual growth through a broad-based education in the scientific and applied foundations of engineering and a solid foundation in problem solving, design and communication skills that they will need to pursue and meet the challenges of their individual career goals. The program envisions future engineers as life-long learners and prepares them for the global environment in which they can make responsible decisions while serving societal needs.

Our mission is supported by the program educational objectives and related student outcomes.

Our annual student enrollment and graduation data can be reached here.

The Curriculum

The curriculum as a whole is integrated and advanced courses build on earlier ones. Our education programs include laboratory, design, and computational activities in a coordinated manner. Successful completion of the fundamental mechanical engineering courses along with other required studies prepares students for the final year mechanical engineering design courses. This is a sequence of two courses spread over a year where students undertake a major design project, often sponsored by industry, and produce a working prototype. The curriculum is supported by modern laboratory facilities.

Our latest Curriculum can be reached here.

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