Transactive Control in Smart Cities by Dr. Anuradha Annaswamy, (May 15, 2017), Location: EA-409

Scalable Planning and Learning under Uncertainty for Multiagent Systems by Prof. N. Kemal Ure, (May 12, 2017), Location: EA-409

Unilever R&D Ice Cream Process Development by Dr. Tolga Susuzlu, (February 10, 2017), Location: EA-409

Monolithic Silicon Nanowires: Technology and Device Integration Aspects by Prof. Erdem Alaca, (January 17, 2017), Location: EA-409

Microfluidic Applications of AC Electrokinetic Phenomena by Prof. Ali Beşkök, (January 3, 2017), Location: EA-409


Solid state ice convection in Pluto’s Sputnik Planum by Dr. Orkan Umurhan, (June 16, 2016), Location: EA-409

Microwheels: Magnetic Particle Rolling Micro Robots and Their Biomedical Applications by Dr. Onur Taşcı, (May 20, 2016), Location: EA-409

General imperfect interfaces with application to computational multi-physics multi-scale problems by Dr. Ali Javili, (May 5, 2016), Location: EA-409

Computational modeling of multi-physics effects in multiphase flows by Prof. Metin Muradoğlu, (April 22, 2016), Location: EA-409


Systems level analysis of gene network activity for a dosage-compensating network by Prof. Murat Acar, (December 18, 2015), Location: EA-409

Research for High Value Added Products: Our Experience in the Koc University Manufacturing and Automation Research Center by Prof. İsmail Lazoğlu, (December 4, 2015), Location: EA-409

“Paper, rock, then scissors” by Dr. Meriem Akin, (October 2, 2015), Location: EA-409

The spatio-temporal development of confined synthetic wakes by Dr. Luca Biancofiore, (September 10, 2015), Location: EA-409

Inhibition of Dendrites in Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries by Dr. Asghar Aryanfar, (September 7, 2015), Location: EA-409

Microfabricated Tools for Quantitative Biology, in the Context of Bacterial Antibiotic Tolerance and Cancer Heterogeneity by Prof. Meltem Elitaş, (May 29, 2015), Location: EA-409

Intel platforms for mobile applications with special touch in sensors and MEMS components by Dr. Rajashree Baskaran, (April 2, 2015), Location: EA-409

MEMS at Molecular Level: Assembly & Application by Dr. M. Çağatay Tarhan, (January 26, 2015), Location: EA-409

Analysis, Identification, and Control of Rhythmic Dynamic Systems: From Robots to Humans by M. Mert Ankaralı, (January 16, 2015), Location: EA-409


Microscale Mechanical Characterization of Materials for Extreme Environments by Sezer Özerinç, (December 19, 2014), Location: EA-409

Phase Models and Phase Computations for Oscillators by Prof. Alper Demir, (December 5, 2014), Location: EA-409

3D Bioprinting of Tissue/Organ using Live Cells by Prof. Bahattin Koç, (November 7, 2014), Location: EA-409

Data-driven Methods for Realistic Haptic Feedback by Prof. Evren Samur, (October 10, 2014), Location: EA-409

Creating new microscopes, robots and energy harvesters by harnessing biomolecules and microorganisms by Prof. Özgür Şahin, (June 11, 2014), Location: EE-03

Fluid Dynamics of Nanomechanical Resonators: High Frequencies, Confinement and Beyond by Prof. Kamil L. Ekinci, (June 5, 2014), Location: EA 409

Heat and Fluid Flow in Micro/Nano Domains and their Applications by Prof. Ali Koşar, (May 20, 2014), Location: EA 409

Deciphering Skin Mechanics to Develop Next Generation Therapies by Dr. Kemal Levi, (May 16, 2014), Location: EA 409

Metallic Composites: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties by Dr. Arda Çetin, (May 2, 2014), Location: EA 409

Nanoparticle Characterization for Next Generation Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies by Prof. Göksel Durkaya, (April 30, 2014), Location: EA 409

Design, Manufacturing, and Locomotion Studies of a 1.27 gram Ambulatory Microrobot by Dr. Onur Özcan, (April 3, 2014), Location: EA 409

Evaluation of Biocompatibility of Metallic Implant Materials by Prof. Demircan Canadinç, (April 2, 2014), Location: EA 409

Legged Robotics and Vascular Acoustics from a Mechanical Engineering Perspective by Prof. Yiğit Yazıcıoğlu, (March 19, 2014), Location: EA 409


Smooth Trajectory Generation and Robust Motion Control Strategies for Precision Machine Tools and High Speed Drives by Dr. Burak Sencer, (December 20, 2013), Location: EA 409

Prediction and Control of Complex System Dynamics by Dr. Yıldıray Yıldız, (November 14, 2013), Location: EA 409

Linear and Nonlinear Aspects of Self-Excited Vibrations in Circulatory Systems by Prof. Dr. Peter Hagedorn, (November 01, 2013), Location: EA 409

Cogeneration of Power and Cooling: The Promise and the Challenges by Gökmen Demirkaya, (October 09, 2013), Location: EA 409

Using Quadrilateral Meshes in Reverse Engineering by Erkan Günpınar, (July 03, 2013), Location: EA 409

Magnetoceptive Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering by Dr. Savaş Taşoğlu, (June 20, 2013), Location: EA 409

Single-Molecule Mass Sensing with Nanomechanical Systems by Dr. Selim Hanay, (June 13, 2013), Location: EA 409

Modeling and Visualizing Cardiovascular Blood Flows Can Help to Generate Novel Treatment Strategies to Treat Heart Disease by Prof. H. Çağatay Yalçın, (May 17, 2013), Location: EA 409

History of ROKETSAN, Areas of Activity, Ongoing and Completed Projects, and the Role of Engineers in the Company by Barlas Ortaç, (April 26, 2013), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

History of ASELSAN, Areas of Activity, Unmanned Systems and Mechanical Design Examples by İsmet Atalar and İlhan Başçuhadar, (April 05, 2013), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

About Arıkazan A.Ş.: Pre-Post Graduate, Success Factors, Q&A by Y. Selim Laçin, (March 29, 2013), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

Additive Manufacturing: Is It the New Industrial Revolution? by Prof. Yiğit Taşçıoğlu, (March 15, 2013), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

A Life Time of Mechanical Engineering by Prof. Eres Söylemez, (March 08, 2013), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

A Chemist is an Engine Designer’s Best Friend: Chemistry for Automotive Exhaust Emission Control by Prof. Emrah Özensoy, (February 15, 2013), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

Research at the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction by Prof. Erman Tekkaya, (February 15, 2013), Location: EA 409

Prediction of Wear on Forming Tools by Dr. Kıvılcım Ersoy, (February 14, 2013), Location: EA 202


A Brief History of a Robotics Start-Up by Dr. Haldun Komşuoğlu, (December 21, 2012), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

Turbulent Fluid Flow: Theory, Modeling and Measurement by Prof. Metin Yavuz, (December 14, 2012), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

FNSS Department Seminar, (November 30, 2012), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

FORD OTOSAN Department Seminar, (November 16, 2012), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

The Obnoxious Brake Squeal: New Ideas About an Old Problem by Prof. Peter Hagedorn, (November 15, 2012), Location: EA 409

Magnetic Assembly of Microgels for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine by Dr. Savaş Taşoğlu, (November 09, 2012), Location: EA 202

The Topological Entropy and Separation of Grain Boundary Networks by Dr. Jeremy Mason, (November 08, 2012), Location: EA 409

Mechanical Resonators at Micro and Nanoscales by Prof. Erdem Alaca, (November 02, 2012), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

Multiscale Modeling of Plastic Microstructure Evolution in Metals by Dr. Tuncay Yalçınkaya, (October 31, 2012), Location: EA 202

TAI Department Seminar by Mr. Recep Akçay, (October 19, 2012), Location: EE 01

From Microdroplets and Microfluidic Reactors to Functional Nanomaterials and Smart Surfaces by Yegân Erdem, (October 10, 2012), Location: EE 314

ODAK Kompozit Department Seminar by Mr. Turgut Yalçın, (September 28, 2012), Location: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

Infrared Signature Studies of Aerospace Vehicles by Prof. Shripad P. Mahulikar, (September 13, 2012), Location: EA 409

Micro and Nanoscale Systems for Biotechnology and Medicine by Dr. Melikhan Tanyeri, (July 6, 2012), Location: EA 409

Symmetry and Self-excitation: Research Activities Related to Rotors in Frictional Contact by Dr. Gottfried Spelsberg-Korspeter, (February 29, 2012), Location: EA 409


Materials Science on the Atomic Scale: Three-Dimensional Atomic Force Microscopy and its Applications by Mehmet Z. Baykara, (October 28, 2011), Location: EA 409

Computational Modeling of Low-density Lipoprotein Transport in Human Coronary Arteries: Implications for Atherosclerosis, (April 7, 2011), Location: EA 409

Biocompatible Micro Implant Technologies Using Different Modification And Micro Manufacturing Techniques by Dr. Erdrin Azemi, (March 3, 2011), Location: EA 409

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