Department Seminar by Prof. Göksel Durkaya

Nanoparticle Characterization for Next Generation Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies

Prof. Göksel Durkaya, Atılım University

Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Time: 13:40
Place: EA 409

Development of new semiconductor devices requires miniaturization using nanoprecise tools and techniques. Extreme UV Lithography technique is the most promising for this miniaturization where removal of nanoparticle defects is vital because of the very small exposure wavelength utilized. Megasonic cleaning is used to remove nanoparticles from EUV mirrors in which the trade-off between the nanoparticle adhesion and the acoustic exposure intensity determining the removal efficiency. Here, better characterization of the adhesion is the key in order to achieve better removal with less surface damage. Atomic force microscopy is generally used to characterize nanoparticle adhesion where experimental conditions limit measurement precision and statistical validation. In this presentation, a new method based on correlative acoustic fluence and optical inspection microscopy is introduced as a quick and statistically reliable method to characterize nanoadhesion. Another key factor in characterizing nanoparticles is the material type which can be used to trace back to the source of contamination and also to choose the suitable removal chemistry. Common nanocharacterization tools provide structural quantification with limited information about the material type. On the other hand, advanced optical techniques can achieve single molecule sensitivity with chemical selectivity. Combined with structural characterization, these techniques can enable exploration of total dielectric response of nanoparticles. In this presentation, suitable pump probe, spectral, and interface sensitive optical microscopy techniques will be discussed.

Short bio:

Göksel Durkaya obtained his Ph.D. degree in Physics on semiconductors and neurobiology from the Georgia State University, GA in 2009. Next, he moved to UC, Irvine, CA Chemistry for research on nonlinear molecular imaging of nanostructures. In 2011, he moved to semiconductor industry; SEMATECH, NY, where he performed exploratory research for semiconductor industry and managed multiple academy-industry and industry-industry collaborative and funded research projects. During his career, he has authored and contributed multiple papers. During his dissertation, he has been awarded by MBD fellowship by NSF, CDC for his work on neurobiology for complete 4 years and got recognition from CORNING for his work on semiconductors. Also, at SEMATECH, he had high performance award from INTEL and his paper on EUV technology got best poster presentation at BACUS 2012 in Silicon Valley and the same work was also cover featured at SPIE BACUS newspaper. Currently, he is Assist. Prof. of Engineering and director of Nanoscopy research lab at the Atılım University. He is also the founder of Incek Nano Ltd. and the director of execution and engineering at the AIV Labs.

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