BilMech Seniors Win TUBITAK Design Project Awards

In their final year, mechanical engineering students at Bilkent take the courses ME 481 and ME 482 (Mechanical Engineering Design I and II) where they design and manufacture a product which solves a real problem in industry. Within this context, this year, a total of seven project groups won the 2209-B Award given by TUBITAK for senior design projects.

The award-winning projects are:

1) Design of a Stable Platform For Turret Mechanism with Target Tracking System and Initial Lead Ability

2) Development Of Electro-Mechanical Clutch For Military Systems

3) Design of a Fuel Suction System for Various Fuel Tank Geometries that Works in Various Tilting Angles

4) Forward Looking System Platform Design

5) Torsional Shock Absorber

6) Automatic Inflatable Flotation Bag System For Amphibious Vehicles

7) Design of a Compressed-Air Engine

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