BilMech Seniors Win TUBITAK Design Project Award

In their final year, mechanical engineering students at Bilkent take the courses ME 481 and ME 482 (Mechanical Engineering Design I and II) where they design and manufacture a product which solves a real problem in industry. Within this context, this year, one of the project groups supervised by Asst. Prof. Yildiray Yildiz (academic supervisor) and Mr. Ajmal Khan (industrial supervisor from California) won the 2209-B Award given by TUBITAK for senior design projects.

The award-winning project involved designing a Rain Deflector enabling cameramen and photographers to shoot in extreme weather conditions. The deflector is mounted in front of the camera objective and prevents the obstruction of view by draining water droplets with a rotating lens.

We congratulate our seniors Gönül Öykü Güngör, Kasım Enes Kalın, Bekir Emre Körpe, Bahadır Özer, Damla Sevin and Taha Oğulcan Yavuz, and wish them good luck in their post-graduate careers.


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