Department Seminar by Dr. Luca Biancofiore

The spatio-temporal development of confined synthetic wakes

Dr. Luca Biancofiore, Imperial College London

Date: Thursday, September 10, 2015
Time: 12:40
Place: EA 409

In the injectors of rocket engines, the combustion efficiency is strictly connected with the quality of the mixing between gaseous H2 and liquid O2. To maximize the mixing, a complete understanding of the stability properties of synthetic wake flows is crucial. Both the confinement and the surface tension at the gas/liquid interfaces were shown to have a strong influence in their stability. I was particularly interested in (i) the destabilizing effect due to the blockage noticed at medium confinement and (ii) the destabilization due to the presence of the surface tension at the interfaces. With the aim to understand these phenomena, I have conducted several analyses, such as local stability analysis, direct numerical simulations (DNS) and large-eddy simulations (LES). The counter propagating Rossby waves (CRW) perspective, introduced some years ago for geophysical flows, helped to explain these subtle destabilizations while showing its usefulness in industrial flows as well.

Short bio:

Luca Biancofiore received his Ph.D degree in Fluid Mechanics/Applied Mathematics at University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France) under the supervision of Dr. François Gallaire (EPFL, Switzerland) and Dr. Richard Pasquetti (University of Nice). During his thesis he spent three months as an invited researcher at EPFL. Earlier, he received his BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering at University of L’Aquila (Italy) in 2004 and 2006, respectively.
In light of his research contributions, he was selected as recipient of (i) the prestigious 2012 Göran Gustafsson Fellowship in Science (a competitive prize, awarded to three fellows after an international competition, in order to attract promising young scientists to Sweden) and (ii) the 2012 Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (IEF), (iii) the 2015 Imperial College Junior Research Fellowship. Furthermore, he has been invited to give seminars at several research institutions such as Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), Weizmann Institute (Rehovot, Israel), Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey), LMSC (Paris-Diderot, France), etc. as further proof of the quality of his research.
Luca Biancofiore is currently a research fellow at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Imperial College London (UK). His present research field is the stability of polymer shear flows. This is also the subject of his ongoing Marie Curie project. This project is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Tamer Zaki (John Hopkins University USA) and Prof. Luca Brandt (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm).

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