Bilkent ME Department

Müjdat Tohumcu

Ph.D., Part-time

Müjdat Tohumcu


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University
06800 Bilkent, Ankara




+90 (312) 290-3066




Dr. Müjdat Tohumcu completed his PhD studies at Middle East Technical University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. His PhD thesis is about modelling, simulation and optimum design of Switching Reluctance Motors. Dr. Tohumcu’s personal interests include basketball and music.

Past Experience :

• METU – Assistant and Instructor (1977-1986)
• ASELSAN – Chief Engineer, Avionics and Defense Systems Dept. (1986-1989)
• ROKETSAN – Asst. Director, Design Engineering Dept. (1989-1992)
• EMEK Elektrik. – Asst. Gen. Manager, Engineering and Quality (1992-1993)
• TÜBİTAK SAGE – Asst. Director (1993-2004) and Director (2004-2011)


  • B.S., METU, Electrical and Electronics Eng. (1976)
  • M.S., METU, Electrical and Electronics Eng. (1979)
  • Ph. D., METU, Electrical and Electronics Eng. (1985)


During his graduate studies, performed research on electrical drive systems and design of special electrical machines. Afterwards, led and managed design groups of various sizes, carrying out system design and development projects, especially in the field of defense.

Selected Publications:

    Conference Papers

  • Ertan, H., Tohumcu, M. (1988). "A Method For Optimum Design of Switched Reluctance Motors", ICEM 88, International Conference on Electrical Machines, 12-14 September, Pisa-Italy

  • Tohumcu, M., Ertan, H. (1988). " “Prediction of Performance of Switched Reluctance Motor For Design Purposes”", ICEM 88, International Conference on Electrical Machines, 12-14 September , Pisa-Italy

  • Arıkan, C., Tohumcu, M. (1981). "A Fully Transistorized Constant Torque D.C. Drive and Its Dynamical Analysis", 4th Power Electronics Conference p. p.275-285., 19-24 October, Budapest

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