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Melih Çakmakcı

Assistant Professor

Melih Çakmakcı


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University
06800 Bilkent, Ankara




+90 (312) 290-3427




Dr. Melih Cakmakci completed his Ph.D. degree at the University of Michigan. His research areas include modeling, analysis and control of dynamic systems with emphasis on understanding and utilizing the interaction among sub-systems and sub-problems. Prior to joining Bilkent University, he worked at Ford Scientific Research Center over 10 years. He has participated in research projects on the design of renewable manufacturing systems, development of modular alternative powertrain technologies including fuel cell and hybrid electric vehicles, which were supported by the National Science Foundation, University of Michigan, Departments of Energy of the USA and Germany, Ford, Daimler and Ballard. His current research is supported with grants from Turkish and European institutions. Dr. Cakmakci’s personal interests include sports, documentaries and books on current affairs.

Melih recently co-authored a book on development and analysis of vehicle control algorithms with Profs. Galip Ulsoy and Huei Peng of University of Michigan titled Automotive Control Systems published by Cambridge University Press.


  • B.S. METU, Mechanical Eng. (1997)
  • M.S. University of Michigan, Mechanical Eng. (1999)
  • Ph.D. University of Michigan, Mechanical Eng. (2009)


Dr. Cakmakci and his research group conduct research on design and control of smart mechatronic systems specializing on the interaction among sub-systems and sub-design problems. As the use of new technologies such as networks and embedded systems increases in control systems, extensions of the existing problem formulations for widely used methods (such as optimal control design; robust control design and adaptive control design) are needed so that benefits from using these technologies are maximized. Improvements on actuator and sensor technologies provide engineers and researchers opportunities for formulating and solving control design problems in alternative ways so that better performing systems can be built. Melih's doctoral research at the University of Michigan focused on improving component swapping modularity which benefits from the availability of networks and on-board computing capabilities in control system components. His research group currently involved in projects on designing modular mechatronic systems, scalable energy management solutions as well as traditional control problems applied to next generation automotive and micro-manufacturing related control systems.

For the latest information about Dr. Çakmakcı's research please visit the Smart Mechanical Systems website.

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    Journal Papers

  • Gecer-Ulu, N., Ulu, E., Çakmakcı, M. (2016). "Design and Analysis of A Modular Learning Based Cross-Coupled Control Algorithm for Multi-Axis Precision Positioning Systems", International Journal of Control Automation and Systems, v.14(1)
    DOI: 10.1007/s12555-014-0125-1

  • Dokuyucu, H.I., Çakmakcı, M. (2016). "Concurrent Design of Energy Management and Vehicle Traction Supervisory Control Algorithms for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, v.65(2)
    Abstract | DOI: 10.1109/TVT.2015.2405347

  • Erva Ulu,, Nurcan Gecer-Ulu,, Çakmakcı, M. (2014). "Development and Validation of an Adaptive Method to Generate High-Resolution Quadrature Encoder Signals", Journal Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control, v.136(3) p.034503

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  • Conference Papers

  • Karpat, Y., Çakmakcı, M., Ali, Z., Türeyen, E.B. (2016). "Fabrication of Polymer Micro Needles for Transdermal Drug Delivery System Using DLP Based Projection Stereo-lithography", Procedia CIRP, v.42 p.87-90

  • Emre Akgün,, Çakmakcı, M. (2012). "Development of a Supervisory Controller for Residential Energy Management Problems", Proc. of the American Control Conference (ACC), Montreal, Canada

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  • Çakmakcı, M., Li, Y., Liu, S. (2011). "Model-in-the-Loop Development for Fuel Cell Vehicle", Proc. of the American Control Conference (ACC), San Fransisco, CA

  • Çakmakcı, M., Ulsoy, A.G. (2009). "Combined Component Swapping Modularity for a VCT Engine Controller", Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, 10/2009

  • Li, S., Çakmakcı, M., Kolmanovsky, I.V., Ulsoy, A. (2009). "Throttle Actuator Swapping Modularity Design for Idle Speed Control", American Control Conference, 06/2009, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

  • Zhao, Y., Yan, Z., Malik, A., Blankenship, J., Çakmakcı, M. (2008). "Development of a Hardware-In-The-Loop System for a Hybrid Powertrain Vehicle Control", SAE Global Powertrain Congress, 10/2008, Chicago, USA

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  • Çakmakcı, M., A.G. Ulsoy, (2006). "Improving Component Swapping Modularity using Bi-directional Communication in Networked Control Systems", Proc. Int. Symposium on Flexible Automation

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  • Çakmakcı, M., Ulsoy, A.G. (2000). "Quantification of Coupling for Modular Design Problems", Japan-USA Symposium on Flexible Automation, 07/2000, Ann Arbor

  • Book Chapters

  • Çakmakcı, M., Kızıltaş-Şendür, G., Durak, U. (2017). "Simulation-Based Engineering", Guide to Simulation-Based Disciplines / Springer Publications, July
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-61264-5_3

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