Bilkent ME Department

İbrahim Nasuh Yıldıran

M.Sc. Student

İbrahim Nasuh Yıldıran


Graduate Student Office



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Selected Publications:

    Journal Papers

  • Yıldıran, İ.N., Temizer, İ., Çetin, B. (2017). "Homogenization in Hydrodynamic Lubrication: Microscopic Regimes and Non-Convex Textures", (Under Review)

  • Conference Papers

  • Yıldıran, İ.N., Öner, S.D., Yılmaz, O.D., Çetin, B. (2016). "Mathematical modeling of performance of a liquid piston compressor", Proc. 9th Pump Valve Compressor Conference, May 5-7, İstanbul, Turkey

  • Yıldıran, İ., Öner, D., Çetin, B. (2015). "GPU-computation of 2-dimensional Laplace Equation using Boundary Element Method", 20th National Conference on Thermal Sciences (ULIBTK'15), September 2-5, Balıkesir, Turkey
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