Bilkent ME Department

Soheil Firooz

M.Sc. Student

Soheil Firooz


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University
06800 Bilkent, Ankara


Graduate Student Office


+90 (312) 290 8979




  • B.Sc. - Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical engineering (2016)

Member of:

Selected Publications:

    Journal Papers

  • Firooz, S., Javili, A. (2019). "Understanding the role of general interfaces in the overall behavior of particulate composites and size effects", Computational Materials Science, v.162 p.245-254
    DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2019.02.042

  • Pouraliakbar, H., Firooz, S., Jandaghi, M.R., Khalaj, G., Amirafshar, A. (). "Combined effect of heat treatment and rolling on pre-strained and SPDed aluminum sheet", Journal of Material Science and Engineering A

  • Pouraliakbar, H., Pakbaz, M., Firooz, S., Jandaghi, M.R., Khalaj, G. (). "“Study on the dynamic and static softening phenomena in Al¬6Mg alloy during two ¬stage deformation through interrupted hot compression test” ", Journal of Measurement

  • Pouraliakbar, H., Firooz, S., Jandaghi, M.R., Pakbaz, M., Nazari, A. (). "Predicting the ultimate grain size of aluminum sheets undergone constrained groove pressing ", International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

  • Conference Papers

  • B. Talebi, A.A. S.F. (2016). "OPTIMIZATION OF COMPOSITE PATCH REPAIR FOR INCLINED CRACK ON ALUMINUM PLATE USING GENETIC ALGORITHM ", 30th congress of International Council of Aeronautical Sciences(ICAS) conference, Daejeon South Korea

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