Development of a Modular Mechatronic Device (MechaCELL)

(Completed Project)




European Union

Project Duration:

Start Date: November 1st, 2010
Completion Date: November 1st, 2014


Applications of microsystems have been increasing over the recent years in many fields. Microsystems are usually designed and manufactured in highly specialized establishments. The potential application of modular design and development techniques at the micro scale has many benefits. As a result of this effort, a mighty and dependable micro module can be mass produced at a very affordable price and can be used in many applications. Using common micro mechatronic modules (i.e. MechaCells) will increase the number of skilled developers, which will eventually result in increased quality in end products. Groups of these MechaCells (i.e a MechaCell Pack) can perform tasks under different conditions sharing mechanical, electrical and computing resources. The project proposed here aims to take the first step towards realization of micro-mechatronic cells with measurable goals and performance requirements.

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