Multiphysics Computational Homogenization of Interfaces (RTA2)

(Ongoing Project)




1. TÜBİTAK - 3501 Career Program (110M661)
2. EU FP7 People - Marie Curie Actions: CIG
3. Michelin Tire Company
4. TÜBİTAK - 1001 Program (114M406)

Project Duration:



From rough interfaces to adhesives, a detailed understanding of the macroscopic response of multiscale interfaces requires a consideration of their microstructure and a modeling of the coupling between various physical phenomena at the microscopic level. The present project is a broad categorization of various ongoing research activities that are aimed at the development of robust homogenization-based multiscale analysis approaches for such problems. The underlying physics are predominantly associated with coupled solid, fluid and particle mechanics with applications ranging from granular and adhesive interfaces to contact and lubrication.

This is a research thrust area (RTA2) of CMML. Please contact Prof. Temizer for current positions available.

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