Using Electrostatic Forces to Manipulate and Organize Various Types of Nanoparticles and Composite Nanostructures to Form Multi Functional Smart Surfaces

(Ongoing Project)




Tübitak 3501



The goal of this project is to form smart surfaces, coated in a controlled manner with different types of nanoparticles, by using electrostatic forces.The large surface to volume ratio of nanoparticles compared to bulk materials makes them suitable for them to be used in sensor applications. In order to make use of their such property, it is necessary to ‘print’ them on surfaces so that their properties can be used more effectively. For instance if we want to use them as sensor, the signal that will be obtained from a set of nanoparticles will be stronger than a single particle’s. On the other hand, the ability to print different types of nanoparticles on the same surface will generate multi functional surfaces. For instance different types of nanoparticles on the same surface can be used to detect different types of chemicals or gasses in the environment rather than a single one. In addition to that, this technique developed in this project will open up possibilities to develop complex electronic structures coupled with nanoparticles. Also, by using this technology, biosensors that can detect different types of diseases on the same surface via functionalized nanoparticles can be developed in the future.

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