Onur Özcan Won BAGEP 2023 Award

Assistant Professor Onur Özcan was awarded the BAGEP 2023 award within the framework of the Young Scientists Award Program by the Science Academy for his internationally high-quality work on flexible and miniature robotic systems in the field of mechanical engineering.

The purpose of BAGEP, the Young Scientists Award Program opened by the Academy of Sciences, is to reward and support outstanding young scientists, and to ensure that prominent young people in science are recognized and informed about their research. The program is open to scientists from all fields of science, who are under the age of 40, with a doctorate or specialization in medicine. The BAGEP award, which is not given to the same person twice, consists of two years of research support and an award certificate. This award is given free of charge, with no prior spending plan required, in order to cover the young scientist's research expenses. Awards have been given since 2013 in order to identify and reward our best young academics and to support them for new research.